How to maintain your electric bikes

How to maintain your electric bikes

In the last decades, the automotive industry has evolved drastically and one of the biggest changes the sector has seen is the mode of commuting have revolutionised. The age-old petrol/diesel vehicles are being replaced by electric ones. Electric vehicles have become a boon not only for the environment but also for mankind as a whole, they will soon become the future of mobility. Two-wheelers are very popular on Indian roads because of their price and convenience for daily commuting. 

According to research, the two-wheeler market is expected to reach approximately ₹17.43Bn by the end of the financial year 2024 in which electric bikes have grown its prominence and in 2021, more than 2,30,000 units were sold in India. Electric bikes are successfully replacing petrol-powered bikes helping the environment to breathe freely. The popularity of electric bikes is increasing not only because of their zero carbon emissions but also because of their low maintenance and running cost, unlike their petrol counterparts. However, in order to optimise the efficiency of the battery bikes few basic maintenances are required. Let us discuss these:

Regular cleaning of the electric bikes: 

It is advised to keep your electric bike clean and dust-free by regular and scheduled cleaning once every week. It is important to keep any sort of dust and debris away from the electric motor and the chain as the gathered dirt can interfere with its efficiency. Scheduled washing and cleaning frequently can avoid visits to workshops.

While riding an electric bike try to avoid heavyweight:

It is important to ride as light as possible. Carrying extra or heavy weight can excise more pressure on the electric motor and the tyres. Carrying heavy weight once in a while is fine as such can be endured but making it a frequent habit can stress and overwork the motor & tyre adversely which will result in a performance drop. Therefore, for daily commuting, it is recommended to ride light.

Tyre pressure needs to be checked regularly:

Regular checking of tyre pressure is important as the power impacts the performance of the battery bike. Electric bikes are generally lightweight, therefore, the change in the pressure of the tyre is hard to understand while riding it. It is crucial to check the tyre at regular intervals to avoid low pressure as such can harm the performance of the electric bike and impact the engine in the longer picture. 

Switch off the power whenever the electric bike is not used:

One of the good habits that need to be maintained if you are owning or riding an electric bike is to switch off the power whenever it is not in use. Keeping the battery bike on is not good at all and one should turn the power off whenever you are not riding the bike like while stuck in traffic, in red light or for whatever reason when the bike is still for 20 minutes or more. By doing so the battery bike will be able to preserve power and have more charge left to ride more.

Avoid using emergency brakes:

Emergency brakes, as the name suggested should be used only in case of urgency. Usage of emergency brakes on a regular basis can damage not only the electric bike but also the petrol ones. Emergency brakes stall electric components and mechanicals which can not only hamper the performance of the bike but can be dangerous.

Take good care of the battery of the bike:

While for petrol bikes the internal combustion engine acts like the heart, similarly for electric bikes, the battery is the integral part responsible for the proper functioning of the two-wheeler. In order to get the best performance out of your electric bike, it is important to take extra care of its battery. It is suggested that the manual provided by the manufacturer should be followed religiously for the best health of the battery pack. Abide by the charging instructions correctly, it is important not to overcharge the batteries and make sure that the charging socket offers the exact electric output or else it can adversely impact the health of the battery.

Well-lubricate the moving parts of the electric motor:

Even though an electric bike possesses fewer moving parts unlike its petrol counterparts,  it still does. Proper lubrication is a must for electric bikes to perform smoothly otherwise it has the ability to create friction among the moving parts. It is recommended that if you do not have proper knowledge regarding lubrication, seek help from a professional and get a demo as this will help in maintaining the good health of your electric bike. 

Brake pads need to be observed:

One of the basic yet integral maintenance required to maintain the proper health of the electric bike is regular checking of the brake pads. It is advised to ensure the good health of brake pads at every cost. If required, replace them as it can lead to severe accidents. 

In modern times, where the population is increasing drastically and the demand for vehicles is skyrocketing, the problem of decreasing air quality & climate change has led to the popularity of electric vehicles. Electric bikes are best known for being eco-friendly and minimising carbon footprint. Apart from the high cost, battery bikes are highly convenient for daily commuting. Its low running and maintenance cost has helped thousands of Indians switch to electric bikes. By following these basic maintenance tips you can ensure the good health of your electric bike and enjoy a greater performance.

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