Ways electric two-wheelers save the environment

Ways electric two-wheelers save the environment

The world is evolving fast and with time the ways of living are changing. Mode of transportation has become one of the major needs of the modern world to move from one place to another. It is because of this the automotive industry has evolved since its inception bringing in different types and designs of vehicles. Out of which two-wheelers have grown to be very popular. The country with a 1.417Bn population mostly comprises people from the middle class for whom two-wheelers are affordable, convenient and practical to commute on daily basis. 

All vehicles whether two-wheeler or four were initially powered by petrol/diesel which hampers the environment and mankind to a huge extent. It emits harmful pollutants and gases which alter the climate. Combustion of diesel fuel produces toxic byproducts such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons and nitrogen dioxide which reduces the air quality significantly. In 2019, India witnessed the highest number of deaths in the world due to pollution. According to Down To Earth, around 1.6m people died in India because of this rising air pollution problem. 

It is because of this adverse impact of petrol two-wheelers and the increasing demand of commute that the automobile industry has come up with the electric bike. It is a way through which green transportation is promoted. There are several electric two-wheelers in Bangalore, which have been introduced to the market because of gas prices and pollution. Several major cities have already started to permit PEMDs (personal electric mobility devices) in order to overcome environmental and congestion problems.

The electric mobility scooter is considered to be a boon in disguise for the environment which can solve the purpose without negatively affecting the environment. There are several ways electric two-wheelers save the environment.

Improves air quality

According to the Climate action tracker, IEA in 2020 stated that the transport sector of India is accountable for 13.5% of the nation’s energy-related CO2 emissions while the sector’s 90% of total energy consumption is produced by road transport followed by rail (4%) and domestic aviation (4%).  The carbon emissions produced by vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution not only in India but worldwide. A battery bike and an electric scooter are cleaner alternatives which help in solving the problem of decreasing air quality by producing zero emissions.  

Unlike its petrol counterparts, it does not comprise an internal combustion engine which emits harmful greenhouse gases. It is substituted with a greener alternative, one or more electric motors which do not possess any tailpipes to emit harmful gases. 

Induce fewer emissions all over its life cycle

An electric scooter helps in reducing carbon footprints by not producing harmful emissions on road. However, it still does produce a little number of emissions in its overall life cycle. Even though it is a greener alternative it still cannot be stated as entirely sustainable as manufacturing and charging of electric bikes include the production of harmful emissions even though the rate is relatively much lower than what petrol-powered bikes emit.  According to European Energy Agency, electric vehicles produce 17% to 30% lesser emissions than their conventional counterparts.  

Recyclable materials used for manufacturing electric bikes

There are many electric two-wheelers in Bangalore which reuse materials to manufacture a new battery bike. There are several parts such as aluminium alloy and others which can be reused to minimise waste. Apart from recycling, there are many manufacturers who in order to increase the sustainability of electric bikes make use of sustainable materials which minimise the environmental impact from the beginning till the end of battery bikes.  

Promotes a quieter and more comfortable riding option

Apart from decreasing air quality, the hustle and bustle of the densely populated cities result in severe noise pollution. Often noise pollution is ignored and not given due importance but it can intensely impact mankind. Traditional vehicles comprise internal combustion engine which produces sound and on-road all motorcycles, buses and cars together contribute to high noise pollution. This can lead to serious health conditions like damaged eardrums, headaches, fatigue, hearing loss and many more.

An electric bike does not have an engine but a motor which do not produce loud sounds. It is a quieter and more comfortable alternative to the traditional counterparts providing the best riding experience to the rider as well as to other people on road. There are several electric two-wheelers in Bangalore which help in controlling the loud noises in the middle of traffic.

Encourages renewable sources of energy 

Electric mobility scooters are made of motors which do not require petrol to operate but charge. Therefore, it can be said that it is a sustainable way of riding as it does not require non-renewable energy sources but simply requires charging which is a renewable energy source. It can be stated that charging is done through electricity which is generated with the help of fossil fuel but an electric bike can be charged with the help of renewable energy sources like wind or solar power which can make the mode of transport fully sustainable.

Damages roads less

Apart from being an immediate sustainable solution, electric bikes save the environment in other ways as well. Battery bikes are comparatively lighter in weight than the ICE vehicles like trucks, buses, cars, and two-wheelers which affects the roads more. Electric scooters do not hamper the roads like the petrol ones with their heavy weight which requires machines with high emissions to repair contributing to existing pollution and degrading the environment. Therefore, battery bikes are good for minimising damage. There are thousands of electric two-wheelers in Bangalore which have helped in maintaining the roadways in good condition. 

Lasting batteries 

Batteries play a pivotal role in the operations of electric bikes. The electric motors of the two-wheelers need charging regularly to run. The batteries used in electric mobility scooters are often disposed of and replaced which can impact the environment. However, nowadays all electric scooters comprise lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not possess lead, harmful material that adversely impacts the environment. This helps the batteries of electric bikes last longer as well as generate much less waste.

It is because of these reasons electric two-wheeler is vastly adopted by an increasing number of Indians with each passing day. It is a sustainable way of riding that not only saves the environment but also helps save money for the owners with its low maintenance and running costs. Electric two-wheelers can be stated as the future of the automotive industry and will continue to develop in the upcoming years. The number of battery bikes is witnessed to rise on Indian roads, and electric two-wheelers in Bangalore have increased significantly.  The usage of such has intensely increased in the last decade in states like Karnataka,  Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

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