Bursting popular myths associated with electric two-wheelers

Bursting popular myths associated with electric two-wheelers

Petrol-powered two-wheelers are India’s most common mode of transportation because of their convenience and affordability but they are also a major contributor to air pollution. It leads to severe carbon emissions that negatively impact the environment and mankind. As a solution to this electric two-wheelers has been introduced to the market which is environment friendly. This is relatively a new concept which has gained significant popularity and has proved to be a boon during the given crisis. However, due to insufficient awareness and knowledge regarding electric vehicles, there are several myths prevalent about EVs which hampers their steady sales and popularity. Let’s dive in to know all misconceptions associated with EVs which have created inhibitions among the Indian population. 

First Myth: Electric two-wheelers are comparatively expensive

Fact: One of the biggest misconceptions about EV two-wheeler is that it is highly expensive.  The upfront cost of an EV two-wheeler in Bangalore is relatively higher than its petrol counterparts because of its advanced electric technology. However, in the long run, petrol-powered bikes are proven to be costlier as they run on petrol, the price of which is reaching sky-high with each passing day whereas electric scooters run on charging which can be done at a minimal price. By riding electric bikes one can avoid petrol bills and save thousands of rupees in the long run, therefore, making EVs a highly economical option.

Second Myth: Electric two-wheeler comparatively run slow

Fact: This is an age-old thinking which has been carried to date. The contemporary EV two-wheelers in Bangalore are designed and manufactured with advanced technology which provides impressive top speed. At present the Indian market consists of several electric scooters which have the ability to run faster than petrol-powered ones. The electric motors of the EVs when accelerated give rise to high torque which helps in gaining speed. The MS 3.0 is one of the best examples of an EV two-wheeler in Bangalore which provides an impressive speed that is 60km/hr while another is the MS Racerwhich provides a top speed of 100 km/hr. 

Third Myth: Electric two-wheelers emit more carbon than petrol-powered ones

Fact: This is another biggest myth associated with electric two-wheelers. Electric two-wheelers operate on electric motors which require charging to run and not petrol. Therefore, they do not produce any sort of harmful emissions but help in reducing carbon footprint by replacing their traditional counterparts, which emit harmful greenhouse gasses and make the world a healthy place to live. 

Fourth Myth: India does not have proper charging infrastructure therefore, charging can be an issue

Fact: India is a developing country therefore, building a proper charging infrastructure for EVs is still under process. There are several cities where adequate charging infrastructure has been built while many are still devoid of it. However, is not an issue as most of the EV two-wheeler in Bangalore nowadays can be charged at home or workspace conveniently at night which is sufficient for daily commutes. 

Fifth Myth: Charging electric two-wheelers can be time-consuming

Fact: A primary notion about electric vehicles is that it takes several hours to charge and run for a shorter distance. Both of the notions possess no truth. In recent times, several EV two-wheeler in Bangalore is introduced multiple advanced features and therefore, most of them come with fast charging technology. It only takes around 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the electric bikes before hitting the roads. 

Sixth Myth: Electric two-wheelers provide a shorter travelling range

Fact: This notion is absolutely wrong as currently, the EV two-wheeler in Bangalore possesses several bikes and scooters which can travel a long distance at a single charge. For example, the MS 3.0 provides around 140 to 160km range on a single charge. 

Seventh Myth:  They are dangerous as they possess a higher risk of accidents

Fact: There is no strong evidence to prove such a notion. No strong proof is available which can help in drawing a conclusion that EV two-wheeler in Bangalore is dangerous. Accidents are a downside of any kind of vehicle and not only electric ones, if the demand for any vehicle increases the chances of accidents also enhances but that doesn’t mean that electric vehicles lead to accidents. With the increasing demand and usage of EV two-wheelers in Bangalore, the ability to handle and run them in a better way has increased for sure, making them safer than ever. 

All the above-mentioned are a few misconceptions about electric vehicles which have hindered the sales of EV two-wheelers in Bangalore. However, by creating proper awareness such can be overcome easily and enhance the adoption rate of this green technology effectively.

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