Tips every electric two-wheeler owner must know

Tips every electric two-wheeler owner must know

At present, electric two-wheelers have become a trend in India. According to Economic Times, as of 5th August (2022) around 1392265 electric vehicles are running on the road out of which a substantial number are two-wheelers. The reason behind the increasing number of EV scooters in Bangalore and other eminent cities is their vast-ranging benefits. It not only helps in saving money on petrol but also helps people to take a significant step towards a sustainable living.  However, an electric two-wheeler is not similar to their petrol counterparts, therefore, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind before and after buying an EV bike. Here, we will discuss some tips which can help the owners of electric two-wheelers operate and ride their bikes better.

Before purchasing tips

Government incentives

The government of India play a huge role in the sudden popularity of electric vehicles. The government in order to boost the sales of electric two-wheelers and minimise the burden of high upfront cost from the customers provide subsidies under the umbrella of FAME II. With FAME II the price of an EV scooter in Bangalore substantially lowers from its original price quoted by the manufacturers, making it highly affordable and convenient for the customers to purchase. However, the amount to be provided as a subsidy primarily depends on the battery capacity of the EV scooter and certain criteria like the battery must have at least 3 years of warranty, must possess regenerative brakes, specific localisation degree and a top speed of a minimum of 40kmph. 

Apart from the FAME II subsidy provided by the central Indian government, the state government also provides several financial benefits which the owner can avail only after purchasing the EV scooter in Bangalore and in other cities varying from state to state. However, not all states of India offer such benefits. These benefits can be availed only for one bike per person.


The second tip for a potential electric two-wheeler is to check certain specifications before committing to one. Unlike their petrol counterparts, EV scooters in Bangalore and other cities operate on charging therefore, there are certain factors one needs to keep in mind. Riding style, the range of the bike, the terrain on which the EV will be ridden and many more before switching to an EV. You need to plan beforehand before committing to an electric two-wheeler. Battery capacity and range offered and motor capabilities are crucial features that one needs to consider to understand whether it is suitable for your purpose or not. When talking about range people often mistake it with the one mentioned by ARAI/IDC, however, it is suggested to look for the real-world range which is provided ideally and not the range mentioned by ARAI/IDC is always quoted to be unrealistic and higher. 

Smart features

While speaking of EV scooters in Bangalore, the topic of smart features will surface automatically. The market consists of several players designing and manufacturing a range of EV two-wheelers with a wide array of smart features. However, most of them do not come in handy for everyday use. Therefore, it is suggested to look for electric bikes with smart features that are going to be really useful while riding them on daily basis. Features like reverse mode, navigation assist, GPS to locate the bike, anti-theft alarm, and eco mode are the ones which can actually help to make the life of the owner easier and enhance their riding experience.

Battery and charging options

Batteries play a crucial role in electric two-wheelers, as such operates on charging and not petrol. Therefore, charging options play a crucial role which is recommended to look into before opting for the best suited for you. EV scooters in Bangalore predominantly have two kinds of battery options, fixable and detachable battery technology. A fixable battery, as the name suggests, is fixed to the scooter and cannot be removed, it possesses a charging slot on the vehicle itself from which it is charged. In such cases, the manufacturers generally provide a portable or fixed home charging solution. The disadvantage of such is that in urban areas there is a shortage of places and having dedicated parking spots is difficult, placing the charging solutions can be a task. The second kind is the detachable battery which can be removed from its place and charged anywhere & anytime at your convenience. However, apart from the heavy weight of the battery, the real downside of such a battery is that it shoots the price of the EV scooter up. 

Roadside assistance

The tip to look for roadside assistance is a crucial one as the concept of EV bikes is still at a nascent stage in India. Running out of fluids can be a major reason behind seeking such a service. For cases like the breakdowns of an EV scooter in Bangalore or in other places, it is smarter to get assistance from trained professionals than local mechanics who do not possess much knowledge about electric vehicles. There are several eminent players in the Indian market who provide their customers with these services while many do not, therefore, it is recommended to inquire about such before switching to an EV scooter in Bangalore as well as in other cities. 

Post-purchase tips

Proper charging for better health of the battery

One of the major tips for an EV scooter owner after purchase is to look after the health of the battery. The battery technology is expensive which makes EV scooters in Bangalore costlier than their petrol counterparts. Batteries are delicate and can easily perish if not taken good care of. Here are some tips which can help in ensuring the good health of the battery pack of your EV scooter in Bangalore. 

  • Constant monitoring of the battery while charging. The batteries of electric bikes function the best when they are at 30-90%, therefore, the mentality of pushing the charging limits as we do for smartphones thinking it will operate better is entirely a wrong notion. Therefore, one should avoid doing that. 
  • Once the EV bike hits 100% it is suggested to stop charging it further, as overcharging does not help but erodes the battery life over time.
  • Don’t make fast charging a habit. Sometimes when running late, relying on fast charging is fine but depending on it always can hamper the performance as well as the battery life. 
  • Any kind of extreme is not good, therefore, just like overcharging is good for the health of the battery, similarly draining the battery is also not good. It is suggested to not let the battery completely drain out and put it on charging on time for its best performance. 

Forward planning of rides 

EV scooter runs on charging and not on petrol which helps in keeping the environment cleaner and greener. However, with an underdeveloped charging infrastructure in India, EV scooters in Bangalore cannot be charged on the go or in the middle of a ride while on the road, even if they can be, it will take a certain amount of time. For daily commutes like running errands or going to the office, such can suffice but for long rides, the owners need to plan beforehand. Planning a long ride, like where to stop for charging and looking for a charging station and how long one can ride at a single charge all should be considered and well calculated in advance to make the journey a pleasant one without any hindrance. 

Protection from extreme temperatures

Lastly, it is recommended to the owners of the EV to not expose their bikes to extremely high or low temperatures. Such is not a problem for owners of EV scooters in Bangalore, who stays in a moderate climate, but for ones staying in extreme regions experiencing occasional snowfall or heat waves. They must keep in mind not to expose their bike for too long to protect them and ensure their longevity. It is suggested to park their electric bikes in the garage or parking lot and keep them covered. 

The above-mentioned are a few tips which can help an owner of an electric two-wheeler both before & after purchasing it and get the best out of their EV bike. Switching to electric is now easy and with these tricks, the riding experience of EV owners will elevate a notch higher.

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